About Peltrade

PelTrade was founded in 2012 during that time we have become a major importer to the UK of quality wood pellets, briquettes and kiln dried logs. PelTrade is a UK registered company with our head office in London.

We are a supplier to the wood fuel distribution industry, as well as wood pellets as horse bedding to the equestrian industry. We even have a specialist pellets for the pet product industry. We import to the UK and Western Europe as loose bulk or, by container.

The company’s success has in part been attributed to our mission statement which is; “to provide high quality and consistent products at a competitive price”

In today’s market, we understand the importance of a high-quality product, consistency and reliability of supply. We already have exclusive arrangements with several high end producers who are satisfying our present demand. As we grow we are sourcing new potential suppliers, we go through robust and rigorous checks to ensure that the producer complies with the European Standards, that they can meet our supply demands and that they have good quality control measures in place. In addition we have our own dedicated employees working in the countries of origin from which we source to support this.

PelTrade is your turnkey solution for wood fuels, horse bedding and cat litter, we have sold many thousands of tonnes of product over the years, our clients are extremely satisfied with our service and they know that if a problem does occur, our dedicated UK based customer service department will take care of things quickly and without fuss.