Certificates and Accreditations

The Company fully intends to have each and all of its forestry & operations certified by a reputable forest management certification scheme when relevant.
The Company will do this by implementing due diligence processes, requiring a forest audit based on regional standards, to ensure that all wood fuel supplied by the Company will be eligible to receive appropriate certification. Peltrade adheres to all industry certification standards.

Peltrade adheres to the Enplus certification scheme. ​ Peltrade is a ENplus certificate holder and certfied trader with Licence Number 335.

The European Pellet Council administers the scheme and set’s out the ‘The goal of the following certification system for wood pellets is to secure the supply of wood pellets with clearly defined and consistent quality for heating purposes. To guarantee the consistently high quality of the delivered wood pellets, not only the manufactured wood pellets, but also the processes that are necessary for their production and logistics will be certified in the scope of this system – as a result, aspects of a product certification will be combined with those of a system certification.

With the classes ENplus-A1 and ENplus-A2, as well as the class EN-B, three wood pellet qualities are defined that are primarily based on the specifications of the European standard EN 14961-2, “Solid biofuels – Fuel Specifications and Classes – Part 2: Wood pellets for non-industrial use”1). aspects of a product certification will be combined with those of a system certification’.

Peltrade is a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) eligible woodfuels and biomass supplier under the Biomass Supplier List. Peltrade is Forest Stewardship Council certified. Licence Number FSC-C126147.

‘European Pellet Council’ and the ‘EnPlus Handbook’ are trademarks of the European Pellet Council. All rights reserved.