More recently we have been involved in sourcing a number of other biomass feedstocks from Russia & Ukraine. These are generally lower value commodities, where the requirements of wood pellets are not essential. These products are suitable for co-firing power plants and commercial heating boilers where a number of alternative feedstocks can be accepted.


  • 100% virgin wood chips
  • Moisture content from 25-35%

  • Sustainable: FSC certified sources

  • NCV’s between 12-13.5 MJ/kg  g

  • Less than 15% bark

  • Thickness (mm) 5-15 (90%)

  • Width (mm) 5-40 (90%)

  • Length (mm) 10-100 (90%)

  • Offered in Bulk on an FOB basis

Wood chips are being used more and more in new dedicated biomass power and CHP plants as well as a feedstock for co-firing. We are working directly with FSC certified sources in Russia and can support all logistics and port activities with our dedicated team on the ground.


  • Pelletised from the by products of sunflower oil processing
  • Less than 9% Moisture

  • Ash less than 3%

  • High calorific value: ca. 20MJ/kg  guaranteeing a long-lasting burn

  • 6mm or 8mm pellets

  • Offered in Bulk or Containers on a CIF or DDP basis.

Sunflower husk pellets are a lower cost alternative to using wood pellets for co-firing or for use in commercial biomass boilers. (Please check with your boiler manufacturer to ensure covered under warranty) Generally boilers suitable for grains and wood chips will burn SFH pellets fine. Sunflower husk pellets are made from the residues left from the oil processing activity and have a high calorific value.