Premium heating pellets- big bags


  • Quality assurance in accordance with ENplus-A1
  • Certified as superb quality

  • Sustainable: FSC certified and BSL accredited

  • 6mm pellets

  • 100% virgin wood

  • Light in colour
  • High durability – ≥99%

  • Fines content ≤1%

  • 1.15 tons per pallet, 25 tons per container

Pellets are made from 100% virgin coniferous sawdust, with no additives and no chemical binds, so your boiler will work smoothly, avoiding expensive servicing. Their high calorific value means more heat per bag and the low ash content ensures less than 0.5kg of ash from every hundred kg of burnt pellets. If your boiler does not have an automatic ash removal system, you will only need to remove ash once every few weeks.

They are recommended by all of the main pellet-boiler producers, and guaranteed for the majority of domestic and commercial boilers.